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The Cigar Box Journal - Sunday,  Sept. 29, 2024
  • The Cigar Box Journal - Sunday, Sept. 29, 2024


    Join us on Sunday Sept. 29, 2024


    In this workshop we'll be binding and decorating a sturdy  journal made of boxboard to be neatly contained in a beautiful wooden vintage cigar box.

    While we are not promotoing  smoking of any kind, the history of cigars is rich and dates back to ancient times.  We are intriqued with Vintage cigar advertisements that have a certain charm and nostalgia we can't ignore. They often reflect the cultural and social norms of their times, making them fascinating pieces of history. These advertisements not only sold cigars but also sold a lifestyle and an image, often using hyperbole and imaginative graphics to draw in potential buyers. We have also gathered pages of quotes pertaining to cigars and cigar smoking that can be used  to add yet another fun element to our journals.


    We have had a very generous donation to the studio of a collection of several high quality cigar boxes.  This will be passed on to you  and there will be no charge for these boxes.  Many thanks to our friend Michele!


    Materials Needed:

    Bring some of your favorite journaling supplies, including a few decorative papers, vintage color craft paints and  washi tapes.


    Optional items that you may want to bring include:

    - A few faded vintage paint colors (as per cigar box sample and hand outs.)

    - Sharpie chisel tip marker

    - Uniball gel pen 1.0

    - Prismacolor Gold metallic marker


    There will be additional collage sheets available for purchase.


    You will be supplied a kit including -

    - Cigar Box

    - Binding instruction print out

    - 12 boxboard pages

    - Binding linen

    - 4 Collage sheets with imagery

    - Use of tools and additional materials


    Please bring a sack lunch.

    SKU: 9-29-24
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