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Button Cards --Shanks and Foil -  10-1-23 -  Sunday 10am-4pm
  • Button Cards --Shanks and Foil - 10-1-23 - Sunday 10am-4pm


    In this button card workshop we'll attach shank buttons (using metal clips) and work with a foil backed design.  New collage sheet provided.


    Most supplies (such as base for construction), 1 sheet of imagery, thread, needle and other elements will be included. Please bring decorative papers for the back (damask is especially nice for this project) and  a selection of buttons. There are 6 different button collage sheets available (1 is supplied with the workshop, others are availale for purchase only to those taking the workshop). Cards vary in size from 2.5" X 5.5" to approximately 8" X 10.5".


    This would be a great addition to your Jackdaw Project.

    A Jackdaw Project - 

    A Jackdaw is a bird in the crow family, that is known for collecting items and objects.   Jackdaws are also known as collections of interesting artifacts that provide information about a particular subject, period or idea that build background and interest.  Our Jackdaw will be inspired by the Jackdaw bird to make a unique collection of tabs, tags, journal spots, quirky envelopes and related journaling mini projects.

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